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"We caught 1 out of 3 Bee trap boxes in 2010!"

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"Swarm Catcher"
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Swarm Catcher - a mini report which shows you exactly how to learn to catch wild swarms and make them yours!

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Added Benefit: You get to add free honey bee colonies to your Apiary at no or little cost.

Master Secrets of Beekeepers Revealed in this Mini Report titled:

"Swarm Catcher"

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What exactly am I getting?

Let me walk you through the Swarm Catcher benefits...

Build your apiary

If you want to grow your apiary from a handful of bee hives or even just start beekeeping you are going to need more bees! Now there are really only 3 ways you can do this: a) You buy bees from a beekeeper or b) You breed queen bees from your existing honeybee colonies or c) You can catch bees and keep them!

If you are just starting beekeeping then you have found the right place to discover exactly how to get your own bees! We provide you with a list of beekeeping equipment you would need to do so as well... But you would at least need a bee hive or trap box or nuc box amongst other things to get going once the bees moved in.

Find out exactly how to ensure you get your own bees to start beekeeping if you are beginner WITHOUT having to buy bees!

If you already have some bees and want to grow bigger then why not catch bees? We show you exactly how to bait the nuc boxes and what to use!

Swarm Catcher Kit list

Find out exactly what other beekeeping equipment you need to get your Swarm Catcher kit together! It goes without saying that if you can catch your own bees without paying for them you got a head start on any one else paying for their bees!

You got more buck to spend on your equipment than the beekeeper that decided to buy bees! Especially a beginner beekeeper that doesn't know anything about our Swarm Catcher Mini Report!

Increase honey production

There are a few ways to manipulate your honey production if you read up in our Beekeeping in South Africa book but the BEST WAY to increse honey production is to increase apiary size! You need more bees!

Learn how to catch bees by using our Swarm Catcher Mini Report! For every mature honey bee colony you own your raw honey harvest should average 15 - 20Kg. Now ain't that sweet!

Increase pollination

If you provide wild bee swarms that are stressed from trekking around the countryside with a nuc box or trap box you provide a comfortable home for them.

A place where the new honeybee colony isn't about to come under threat for being in the wrong place like a chimney stack, under a floor board or in a shed! That's just going to invite dangerous pest control measures that put bees under threat!

Remember, all honey bees are trying to to do is find a new home, settle in and make honey. It's what they've been doing for 1000's of years! They have also pollinated over 60% of our food for ages! No bees means not enough food for everyone!

Develop your beekeeping skills

The more you know about beekeeping the more honey you can harvest. If it's not about the honey then just enjoy the experience of knowing more about these wonderful creatures!

Make money from more honey

If you have more bee colonies you end up harvesting more honey. If you are keeping bees to make some money on the side then having more bees and more honey means more money!

Save money

If making more money isn't your thing as you discover more about your hobby then at least make sure it doesn't have to cost you more than it should!

Buying bees can add unnecessary costs to your hobby or beekeeping. You also dont get much in general terms for what you pay for...

A wild swarm can include more than 2000 bees of mixed castes. Naturally the wild swarm colony will have highly suitable mix of different kinds of bees and extremely capable of making sure they can start a new home quickly!

A package bee colony bought off the internet may only include about 50 bees with one queen. This means the success rate of the colony you ordered is already at a set back... It will take loads of care and attention to ensure these bees do well.

Provide safe, comfortable home for wild swarms

Expand honeybee hobby to profit maker

You started beekeeping as a hobby and the *BUG* has bitten and you want more! So you need more bees! As mentioned already, you can buy some from a mail order supplier or you can use our Honeybee Colony Creator Mini Report to make new queen bees OR you can catch swarms of bees!

Why not do both methods that don't cost you anything at all! Once you have the beekeeping know-how you can repeat the process as many times as you want!

The Swarm Catch Mini Report is little of 2x 500g bottles of raw honey worth of produce. The beekeeping secrets within which could be well worth a small fortune if you continue to become a beekeeper making money from honey!

Make money from home with bees


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