Honey Bee Secrets Revealed:
Beekeeping in South Africa

The Bee Book Affectionately called...

"The Blue Book"


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Beekeeping in South Africa is the bible of reference for any beekeeper...

It's also referred to as the blue book. It reveals beekeeping master secrets in over 280 pgs of comprehensive info.

Not only is it in its 3rd edition, but this bee book is ONLY available in hard copy from a very few select outlets.

Some of the many secrets you will discover are:

  • Harvesting honey
  • Managing bee hives
  • Discover Queen bee secrets
  • Bee family and history of beekeeping
  • Full colour pictures on over 20pgs
  • Bee diseases
  • Types of honey: comb honey, organic honey & more
  • Types of bees: worker bee, queen bee and drones
  • Bee supplies & honey bee control

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The "Blue Book" is what the Beekeeping in South Africa beekeeping book has been nicknamed. It's basically a reference to the colour of its cover.

The Blue Book is packed with bee information, some already listed above, that is arguably the best collection of beekeeping secrets in the world. It is quoted as being the best book on bees ever written ~ Hans Blokker, former SABIO Manager!

When I first started out, I went on a beginner bee course and then bought the Blue book as a reference guide. I learnt so much after the bee course of the theory of beekeeping that you just couldn't fit in a day of training. The bee course was great in that it provided a foundation as well as the practical beekeeping session with LIVE bees for 60 minutes. But it didnt allow for detailed bee info on building hives, plant nectar tables and pollination contracts.

The beauty about the Blue book is that it covers over 280 pages of bee info starting with the history of beekeeping, the bee family and reproduction and then goes on to describe hive management and so much more.

One of the many useful and extremely vital bee info provided by the Blue book is that of pollination. As the editor is actually a specialist in plant research, M. J. Johannesmeier has included vast amounts of nectar tables and nectar rankings for all kinds of different plants, trees and shrubs.

The best part of the pollination section is the table providing the break down of crops that are farmed in South Africa along with detailed information about the land area used under that crop as well as the flowering period and the amount of bee hives recommended per hectare when in pollination. The bee book provides recorded results when bees have been used to pollinate a crop on how affective their use is by measuring increase of crop yield.

The bee book goes on to then consider the different trees, shrubs and plants that are bee friendly, the nectar and pollen rating and the region these flora would be prevalent. This is invaluable for any beekeeper as you should record the flora in your area and then create an idea of the strength of the nectar flow and pollen rating of your area around the apiary!

The blue book goes on to describe more! You will also get the flowering time of year and a rating of nectar and pollen for each plant. Rated from 1 - 4 with 4 being the strongest flow you can draw a picture of exactly how strong your nectar sources are and therefore how much honey you should expect to harvest from your bees!


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