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Honey Bee Secrets Revealed: Beekeeping methods from old and new masters about keeping bees, harvesting honey & best bee books available!


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Beekeeping in South Africa is the bible of reference for any beekeeper...

It's also referred to as the blue book. It reveals beekeeping master secrets in over 190 pgs of comprehensive info.

Not only is it in its 3rd edition, but this bee book is ONLY available in hard copy from a very few select outlets.

Some of the many secrets you will discover are:

  • Harvesting honey
  • Managing bee hives
  • Discover Queen bee secrets
  • Bee family and history of beekeeping
  • Full colour pictures on over 20pgs
  • Bee diseases
  • Types of honey: comb honey, organic honey & more
  • Types of bees: worker bee, queen bee and drones
  • Bee supplies & honey bee control

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Offer Number 1:



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Over 190 pgs of Beekeeping Secrets to discover inside!



















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