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We respect all users that visit our site. Use of the website and any content contained herein is at your own risk. Beekeeping is a risk to your health if you get stung by bees. Without proper equipment and basic beekeeping training you can cause injury or harm to yourself and others.

All material is used at your own discretion and beekeeping should be practised with the supervision of an adult if a person is under the legal drinking age. It is always recommended that beginner beekeepers work in pairs. Firstly, by working in pairs, beekeepers learn quickly. Secondly, it is safer for two people to work with bees and farm honey that it is for one person to do so. Thirdly, beekeeping should be enjoyed and experienced with family and friends.

We have practiced beekeeping and keep bees in order to farm honey and develop our business over time. Our experience comes from a large knowledge base comprised of reading specialised bee books, offering full time and part bee removal services within our province as well as starting and operating a rural community bee project.

We recently started our own bee project that spans across two different provinces (or states) and is poised to leap into a fully fledged commercial operation by the end of 2010. Currently we keep bees for personal use and sell raw honey to family and friends which comprises of around 200Kg per annum.

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