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Mini Course video

Mini Bee Course Video

Get loads more bee info about beekeeping with our Mini Course on 35 minutes of bee video!


Beekeeping Video Mini Course - a mini course on keeping bees and working a bee hive recorded during a LIVE actual bee course!

Watch the Bee Video over and over again! No need to spend money on travelling costs to go on a bee course! Download the Mini Course Video on Beekeeping now!

How do you start beekeeping in rural areas? Before you spend big budget on training costs take a look at our Mini Course on Beekeeping!

Got access to a PC and the internet? Then you can download our Beekeeping Mini Course Video and watch it any time!

Secrets of Beekeeping Revealed in this Bee Course Mini Video!

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There's so much bee info packed in these 35 Minutes that you will have to watch it over and over again
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  • Footage showing you "How to" open and inspect a bee hive in your apiary

  • We reveal the BEST WAY to pack a bee smoker & the art of lighting one successfully - we also give you inside info on exactly what is BEST to use as fuel for a bee smoker
  • What if you buy a honey extractor & don't know how to use it to extract honey? Discover how to turn a 2-frame honey extractor without breaking the beeswax comb
  • "Downfalls" of using a jockey suit or bee jacket
  • We reveal an extreme way to keep track of your hive tool! Never lose your hive tool again!
  • Learn what to do with a honey bee brush & cause the least damage or injury to your honey bees


YES, Tell Me More about the "Beekeeping Mini Course Video" - What exactly am I getting?

"Let me walk you through the Beekeeping - Mini Course Video!"

Discover how keeping bees & apiary work is pretty easy with this LIVE DEMO!

Beekeeping is a fantastic hobby. Keeping bees is easy to do and effectively costs very little. Your first honey harvest after filtering and bottling covers your initial set up costs!

For every bee hive you keep after the first beekeeping starter kit pays for itself and gives you a massive profit. Keeping bees is a Super Niche in High demand around the world! Why not take advantage? Besides honey, bees also make beeswax, bee propolis, royal jelly and more!

By using the Honeybee Colony Creator you can easily expand your hobby into a profit maker. In these tough times, making money from home is the best solution to the credit crisis. You also create passive income on every bee hive you keep in your apiary! Expand your honeybee hobby into bee farming and make money from home right now!

REAL Footage from a Beekeeping Course

We recorded a bee course in 2010 and had it professionally edited to pack 35 minutes full of beekeeping secrets and bee info! This Mini Bee Course video was developed purely to get you to start beekeeping without spending big budget on travel costs to a bee course!

If you are in an outlying region far from the city where a traditional bee course event is likely to take place, then you would probably pay as much for the travel costs than you would for the bee course. That would certainly be the case with the low fee we charge for our bee course.

Although we hold monthly bee courses at a farm in Gauteng Province, South Africa. There are many potential beekeepers that cannot come to the bee course we hold due to distances that would need to be covered. Some of these beginner beekeepers would travel by car for over 8 hours to get to us! That's the same as TWO tanks of GAS alone...

So, we came up with the idea of making a Mini Course on video packed with real footage of our beekeeping course. We had it edited by a professional and finally ended up with 35 minutes of action packed bee info! Any longer and the download files would be way too big to access over the net.



The main feature of our beekeeping course is that it involves an hour or so of LIVE HIVE DEMO where student beekeepers put their protective clothing on and we open a bee hive. It's fantastic!

Many beekeepers and you included, could read up about keeping bees quite easily. You could do so by buying Beekeeping in South Africa, or our Practical Beekeeping bee book and go over the bee info inside. We found that beginner beekeepers want to WORK WITH BEES before they start beekeeping!

So, we incorporated a special time slot for doing a LIVE HIVE DEMO on our bee course of about 60 minutes! What you get on the Beekeeping Mini Course Video is edited sections of exactly what we did on a bee course in 2010! It's actually pretty great because we get beginner beekeepers to help us with our Hive management and work with the bees!! :)

We open a bee hive and inspect it while recording footage for you! We check the frames for honey comb, queen cells, honey cells and pests! All along you also experience comments by the trainer who has over 20 years of beekeeping experience and was manager of the South African Beekeeping Industry Organisation for many years. Discover the bees at work inside a working bee hive!

Make money from home with bees

If you haven’t already begun to start beekeeping here are some really good reasons for you to get involved right away.

Beekeeping is a multi-million dollar business worldwide! Any size apiary from just a single bee hive to commercial bee farmers with 1000’s of bee hives make money from bees. It’s a Super Niche in High demand with governments throwing millions at developing bee keeping projects.

Start beekeeping from home but whatever you do, don’t miss out on the demand for local and international honey!

Beekeeping Mini Course Video ~ Part 1

The Bee video starts off describing briefly the different bee supplies and bee tools you will need and how to look after them:

Did you ever lose your hive tool? Find out how to never lose a hive tool again whether you work your bees day or night! Discover how to use a hive tool properly.

Lighting up a Bee Smoker - What is the best fuel to use? How do you pack the smoker properly so it doesn't go out before your bee work is done?

How to use a smoker? How many times should you puff on the smoker to be effective? Why do we use a smoker?

Learn about protective clothing: What is the best to use when working bees? A bee veil, a bee jacket or bee suit? What are the dangers of a bee veil or jacket over a bee suit?

Take a look at a frame with wax foundation. Why use wax foundation? Why is it wired?

Bee brush and why use one? How can you use them in the bee hive and when to use them on yourself?

Honey Extractors: Is an extractor worth while for a hobby beekeeper? Wha design can be used to make your own honey extractor? How fast can you go when spinning honey before you break the comb?

A Pre-Hive Check: Do you use a buddy system when going to inspect your bee hives? What do you check before you begin work with bees to avoid being stung?

Beekeeping Mini Course Video ~ Part 2

Ever opened a bee hive yourself? This part of the Bee Video shows you exactly how to open a bee hive and shows REAL FOOTAGE of a bee hive inspection!

Getting the LID off: What to look out for if the lid is tough to lift up!

Explains Exactly why you should always take the 2nd frame out first of any bee hive.

Learn about Festoons. We explain this bee phenomenon.

Why use a starter strip instead of a full wax foundation sheet? What is the benefit of each? See how bees start using the wax on a frame!

How do you tell if honey is ripe or unripe? When is it the ONLY time to harvest honey?

You get to see examples of all kinds of honeycomb you will find in the bee hive! Why are their different sizes of cells? What is the reason for some cells being capped?

Inspecting a LIVE HIVE for the entire part 2 of the Mini Course!

Looking for eggs, drones and quen cells and how to identify these for yourself!

Beekeeping Mini Course Video ~ Part 3

We look at the LIVE hive with frames 6 - 10 giving you REAL Footage!

Breeding cycle and how the queen lays eggs. See examples of good brood cells and comb.

We explain how to tell if a hive is ready for harvesting without opening it!

See an example of a perfect brood pattern where the larvae are growing. Discover exactly what unsealed brood looks like before it is capped.

Why is it vital for frames to be placed back in order?

Ever seen the Running of the Bees? We show you how to use this Technique to find the Queen bee in a busy bee hive!

Learn how to DRIVE BEES in any direction you want to. Sometimes it's important to move bees around and we show you the technique to do this.

After the indoor inspection, we move outdoors to our working apiary in the bush veld. See exactly how we work bees in our outdoor apiary with the help of bee course learners!

Check the lid on this bee hive! Note again the bhur comb on the lid which can make the lid seem stuck!

Learn why bees would eat the starter strip?

Beekeeping Mini Course Video ~ Part 4

We continue in the outdoor REAL Footage: Open a new bee hive and you come inspect it with us all on Video!

Find out how to work with frames using your hive tool: Make sure enough you leave enough space between frames while you work.

What exactly is Bhur comb and how to avoid it?

The Bee breeding cycle: how to tell which part of the hive is emerged brood.

Learn about the large hive beetle pest and see one we remove from the hive!

When is honey old? We explain how to tell when your honey is last season's and old with REAL footage from our bee hive inspection!

Bonus Features:

  1. Step by Step instructions on inspecting a bee hive

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